Upcoming Books

Ashes of Empire Book 5: Imperial Ghosts

Humanity's first empire collapsed centuries ago, but two small shards retained the ability to travel across the stars at faster than light speeds: the Wyvern Hegemony and the Republic of Lyonesse.

Each considers itself the heir of the old empire and each swore an oath of reunification. Yet only one can rule over humanity reunited. As they race to absorb ruined human worlds and rebuild them in their respective image, it is only a matter of time before they encounter the ghosts of what once was. And those ghosts will demand their due.

Coming July 2022

 On Stormy Seas (Siobhan Dunmoore 8)

All good things must come to an end and a reluctant Siobhan Dunmoore trades command of her battle group for a staff job ashore.

Yet her appointment to the headquarters of the 3rd Fleet, responsible for humanity's most restive frontier is no accident. Things aren't quite right in what was once the most ferocious and effective formation in the Navy and its control over the Rim Sector's outer edges is failing. When Dunmoore begins to investigate, she finds herself adrift on stormy seas with few allies and faces all too many foes where treachery, backstabbing, and corruption replace guns and missiles. Will the Commonwealth's once victorious Navy slide back to what it was before the Shrehari invasion? Or will Dunmoore and her friends arrest the decline as they fight for the honor of the Fleet and a future without war?

Coming Fall 2022